Russia = China? Raj Kapoor’s Awara remake.


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Russia = China?
Will Raj Thackeray object to a remake of Awara if India had a border skirmish with China?

India has inked a deal with China for the remake of Raj Kapoor’s ‘Awara’. Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) and China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF) have signed a memorandum.
In an ironic travesty of truth, a claim is being made that Raj Kapoor and his ‘Awara Hoon’ was hummed by the Chinese and the showman was loved by the Chinese.
Raj Kapoor was popular in Russia. He even visited the country where he was welcomed like a state guest and hordes of people did sing ‘Awara Hoon’ along with him. (Was it K A Abbas connection?)


Forwards and memes plead with you to boycott Chinese products. China has come in the way of India’s bid to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). NSG is an elite group which controls transfer of nuclear technology in the world.
China also has used Veto power to come in the way of India’s efforts to get the high chair (read: Veto power) in UN.
This country has also has blocked Brahmaputra tributary, virtually squeezing India out of the water supply.
It’s support for Pakistan is already well known. We can say that China is a potential enemy.
Yet, Chinese goods are freely sold in India and because of the prices, give a tough competition to Indian manufacturers. Even our government trade with China.

A hypothetical question.
The deal is that the remake will be released by 2017-2018. What if there be a war between the two countries, or between India and Pakistan where China supports Pak? Will the politicians like Raj Thackeray allow the film to be telecast?
Why don’t they object now?

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