If Narendra Modi was a gora we’d have crawled

Modi and Obama

Had the Prime Minister Narendra Modi been a Caucasian (white skinned man) all of us would have further crawled in front of him!
We are a nation of racists and there is no doubt about it!
Let’s begin with Giriraj Singh‘s statement.
He said, ‘What if Sonia Gandhi was a Nigerian? Would Congress have accepted Sonia as its leader if she weren’t an Italian and instead of African origin.
Amit Shah had rebuked Giriraj for what is being considered a racist remark and even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has frowned on it. But they are just being politically correct.
Giriraj Singh makes a lot of sense. And he is not the first person to say it.
Journalist-columnist Tavleen Singh who made a career out of moving in the high places and even ‘married’ Aatish Taseer, the slain governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, and had a son from him, has said the same thing in her book about Gandhis.
According to Tavleen, “Sonia Gandhi is revered simply because she is from Italy and is of white skin. She’s not articulate, she is not smart, she isn’t even well-read. In her own Italian surroundings, she might even be considered as “down-market”. But not in Delhi durbars where she can be the center of attraction mainly because of her skin and partly because she is the wife of one of the “princes” of India. People with white skin are considered gods and goddesses by Indians.”
Tavleen even mentions the servility shown by people in South to Sonia Gandhi; they create songs like “you have such white skin, you are a goddess.
I remember seeing the Chief Librarian of Asiatic library taking a gora visitor on the round of the library in a similar servile manner. The visitor wasn’t even holding some office of power!
You see this attitude in restaurants in Colaba (Leopold Cafe, for instance) and at in Goa. The waiters would give the firangis a royal treatment and ignore the locals. This may have to do with the tips they hope to get but not all goras are good tippers and not all Indians are frugal with tips.
It is the same whether you visit and art gallery or a shop.
And to come back to BJP, did you see how our Prime Minister flaunted his non-existing camaraderie with his friend the President of US Barrack Obama and flaunted being on first name terms with him? You can only imagine how he would have behaved if Obama had been a Caucasian!

The Cop Hates you, lady!

Netizens going hoarse urging the government and the police to ‘prevent’ the incidents of rape (this is what all the checks and bans are all about) should read what the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has to say about the siege in Sidney. Said Abbott, “Even if this individual, this sick and disturbed individual, had been front and center on our watch list, even if this individual had been monitored 24-hours a day, it’s quite likely, certainly possible, that this incident could have taken place.”
It is truer in India.
Think of the pressures on the police.
Whether there is a complaint when someone violates the limit of noise level, and this can happen anytime anywhere, or there is an offensive post on the FB we involve the cops. Ours cop is over-worked and under-paid – don’t look at the bribes, gifts and tips which are shared up to the highest level – and, like it or not, he resents your fast car, high-end mobile phone and life style.
You want him to be a government servant or at best a helpful friend but he has inherited the culture handed down from the British days, the Moghul days. He believes he is the government. You are the public.
Look at his body language. Watch the ads. Hear his sermon.
He is not with you. The cop in India, like everyone who works in government office, is never on your side.
You chill out, after a period of heavy work, he is jealous. Whether you sit in a group and share a hookah or have a time of your life, the cop hates it.
Maybe he thinks you’re giving it to the others, but not to him.
He puts on the cloak of a self-righteous indignation when you light an expensive cigarette.
Girl, you are more alone in Mumbai (or Delhi, or any other Indian city) than in London or New York.
This is why I tell you, girlie –
Don’t let it hang out…
Don’t be alone and vulnerable…
Look after yourself!