Mohan DeepMohan Deep, is an Indian author, painter and Feng Shui Master. Mohan Deep is the author of ‘The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala’ (1996), ‘It’s My Life’ (Novel) (1997), ‘Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari’ (1998), ‘Eurekha!’ – an unauthorized biography of Rekha. (1999), ‘Four Options’ (2000), ‘Feng Shui for the Bold & Beautiful, the Rich and Famous’ (2001) and ‘Nehru and the Tantrik Woman’ (2002). After a sabbatical of a decade, during which he touched upon the lives of people as a Feng Shui Master, he is back with The Five Foolish Virgins, a book of fiction, to be launched in April 2013. Mohan Deep is arguably the only Indian author to write what is often described as controversial, unauthorized star biographies in India. Columnist-journalist and former editor of ‘Illustrated Weekly of India’, Khushwant Singh called him ‘a truly gifted gossip writer’. “The maverick writer”, like columnist-reviewer-poetess Tara Patel described him has also been called William Goldman of Bollywood’s stars (By Behram Contractor, the Editor of Afternoon Despatch & Courier) (Source) Kitty Kelly of India (By R K Bajaj, the Editor of ‘The Daily’). Interestingly, almost every book he has wrote/penned has invited controversies for its bold content.


The first controversial biography – Madhubala (1996)
A quote by film star and television’s number one stand-up anchor Shekhar Suman “Controversy is Mohan Deep’s middle name!”. India’s premier society magazine ‘Society’ described him as “a man with a million controversies in his beard”. His first biography about ‘Madhubala’ was named ‘The Mystery and Mystique of Madhubala’ and published by Magna Books. It created a storm in the media world as well as in Bollywood. Never before had any Indian author written an unauthorized biography. ‘Madhubala’ was an icon. While her admirers lapped up the every detail of the book, the actress’ family was aghast! Every skeleton from the family cupboard had been dragged out. The family, especially Madhubala’s sister, went out of her way to challenge his version. But, true to the tradition of investigative journalism, Mohan Deep had double-checked everything he had written. ‘Outlook’, a leading weekly hailed/acclaimed/heaped praises on the book on ‘Madhubala'[1]. The family, described as Dehlavis by Mohan Deep, disputed the surname and insisted that they were respectable Khans.

The author shut their mouth/put an end to their accusations by pointing out in ‘Madhubala’s Publicity Hungry Sister’ that the name on her grave, written in Urdu, was MUMTAZ JEHAN BEGUM DEHLAVI. He had started his work by first visiting her mazaar. In a fitting reply to Madhubala’s sister Madhur Brijbhushan nee Zahida Attaullah Dehlavi he wrote, “Madhubala was Dehlavi and not Khan. But how does that matter? With her kind of success she outgrew these petty things, becoming/transforming into her own identity.

Everyone related to her, including her ancestors (and Madhur herself) earned their identity from Madhubala, and if they wanted to give/pay a fitting tribute to her, they should change their surname to Madhubalavi.” Interestingly, when ‘Madhubala’ was released, a feud was going on between its publishers Magna Publishing and Times Group. Times Group went out of their way to do/perform a Hatchet Job on the book, reported ‘Sunday’, an independent political weekly which had overtaken all other magazines in circulation. Taking advantage of this situation, Madhubala’s family, along with some journalists who doubled as PROs, blasted the book. But writing the unauthorized biography of Madhubala earned Mohan Deep a reputation for his fearless and bold approach.

Another scandalous life: Meena Kumari (1998)

The announcement of a biography by Mohan Deep created/made news. Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari was published by Image Books. Contoversies and allegations followed in its wake, but readers, critics and reviewers loved his book. The mother of all life stories: Eurekha (1999)