Ashok Kumar on his out of body experience

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Ashok Kumar, everyone called him Dada Moni, was not well and couldn’t attend the launch of my book ‘Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari’. But, he told me, “I want you to come to Union Park with your book. I am very eager to read it.”
He had loved my biography of Madhubala. I had quoted him extensively in both the books.
Taking my photographer friend Bhupi (now he has changed the spelling of his name as I advised him) I went to his bungalow. This was in 1998.
On this day, I saw the child in him and also a thinking person. First of all, he wanted to read where I had quoted him. I showed him those parts. He was a fast reader and read everything. We chatted for an hour or so. He was proud that, even at the age of 87, he still had some amount of sexual energy and freely introduced me to a woman he had kept. His wife, Shobha Devi, had expired 12 years ago.
“Do you know that you are getting scoop pictures?” he told me. “No one except Bhupi has shot me with grey hair! We all are conceited people. Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Raaj Kumar….wo to wig pehnta hai! Oonche Log ke samay maine socha tha ke uski wig lekar bhaagoon…But it wouldn’t have been nice.” He laughed like a child and then became serious, “I have decided to stop coloring my hair. Where is the need? I was not well so I didn’t color for some weeks and then decided never to do it.”
“But you still have a good head of hair!” I said.
Haan, tum to meri umar mein bilkul ganje ho jaaoge?” He laughed. He was right.
“Tell me, do you fear death?” he suddenly asked me. He turned philosophical.
“Not really. Life keeps me so busy that I don’t get time to think of death.” I replied.
“I’ll tell you a surreal experience I had. I was not well and was not in senses. My people told me later that, lying on my bed, I appeared miserable. I was turning and twisting in my bed as if in unbearable pain. They all were worried and thought that dada was in great pain and may die. But somehow I survived. I opened my eyes. And here I had had an entirely different, wonderful experience. It was like being amidst cloud. It was so calm and peaceful. I have never felt this kind of bliss. Now that I look back I realize that when they saw me in agony, I was in a different, a happy zone. It was an out of body experience. I think I was close to death. It didn’t happen. It will happen sometime. But I am sure it will be a beautiful experience.”

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  1. Wonderful article, such experiences are generally at time of death. Many people do experience this. Recently a study was conducted in USA and it showed that near death there heightened electrical impulses and this may causing an illusion!!

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