What they say about ‘The Five Foolish Virgins’

It is always encouraging to find positive feedback for your work from friends and contemporaries.

Celebrated actor Raza Murad, who stands out with his voice, also has unique way of writing when he says:

My way of describing the five foolish virgins would be



Would like to salute my chronic and dear friend, Mohan Deep, for being brutally bold, forthright, hard- hitting and terribly entertaining. Would even like to possess the second / Kindle edition of this unforgettable and amazing novel.


“The five foolish virgins” is an engrossing and a riveting novel. Funny, poignant and deliciously dark! Mohan Deep is known for his sensational, irreverent and acerbic writing and he makes full use of his talent in this book. Go for it!
A must read especially if you are the sixth virgin!”

Shekhar Suman
Actor, director and a standup comedian


After the great George Bernard Shaw described “an Artist “, writer-novelist Mohan Deep goes one step ahead on the insight, describing the ARTIST in depth, true to its core. Page 107 of the book as written by the author is so true! And the credit goes to his past body of work, which speaks of his integrity and vast experience. Kudos to him. Surely worth reading.

Deepak Shivdasani
Film Maker


“Mohan Deep’s The Five Foolish Virgins is a compelling thriller…I finished all 400 pages in three sittings spread over two days. Engrossing, succinct and entertaining narrative. A readymade material for a Bollywood multi-star movie. There are so many strong characters in the book that would attract both young and top ranking seasoned actors.”

Rasheed Kidwai
Author and Journalist


‘The Five Foolish Virgins.’ is a fictionalized insider account of the world of Hindi cinema, a world Mohan is intimately familiar with.
Mohan Deep has written the book with his eye firmly trained on India’s growing young demographic, that consumes popular fiction about themes they understand readily. What is unusual about this book is that it is an insider account about facets of Hindi cinema which are not easily visible to those blinded by its glamour.
To his credit, Mohan has been known to shoot from the hip when it comes to deflating the massive egos that inhabit the Hindi movie world. This novel offers him one more platform to indulge in his favourite pastime. I suspect it might get optioned for a movie.

Mayank Chhaya
Author, painter


Loved it, coming from a man, the insight into women’s minds is amazing. Interesting, pacy and extremely well written.

Kiran Joneja-Sippy
Actor, Director


“The Five Foolish Virgins’ was a saga calling out to Mohan Deep to write it, a narrative that starts in pre-partition Sindh and straddles several decades in the hunting grounds of Bollywood, was inevitable.
Mohan Deep’s USP, even in his bios, is his heightened sense of visualisation and relentlessly incisive characterizations. Here too, one feels one is watching a movie as the story unfolds. One gets sucked into the vortex of dramatic lives, even as one enjoys the ticklish pin-points of “real” Bollywood personalities!!!
Is ‘The Five Foolish Virgins”, faction or fiction?
By the time you decide that in the last page, Mohan Deep leaves you panting for a sequel!

Nina Arora
Screenplay Writer


‘Only an insider could write ‘The Five Foolish Virgins’. It is a saga of generations, juxtaposed beautifully with Bollywood as background. Glamour, affairs and many sordid tales – Mohan Deep tells it all. From casting couches to sabotaging a film everything makes a background for this most readable tale.
I have always loved Mohan Deep’s style of writing. I loved the plot and the characters and the way he brings the real Bollywood sans glamour to his readers.
Wish it was a bit longer. A must read!

Sumeetha Manikandan


A fast-paced, slick Bollywood novel about love and revenge.

Deccan Chronicle

A master storyteller!
As you read, the entire story flashes in front of you.
The author’s command over various languages is amazing. Well etched characters become different individuals as they speak in different styles and accents. As you come to the end, you start wishing that the book had been longer.

Amandeep Kaur


This book is a page turner. ‘The Five Foolish Virgins’ – the title is dicey but makes you wonder after reading two hundred pages where it leads to. The end, however, justifies the title.
Mohan Deep shows the intricacies and the cultural differences between the two communities (Sindhis and Punjabis) with a great finesse. The language and the culture of Punjabis have been well described- you can trust me on this because I myself belong to a Sikh Punjabi family. I cannot comment about the portrayal of Sindhis but that must be authentic too.
The novel is so engrossing that you tend to visualize the chain of events. If I were to direct a film this would be my inspiration. Recommended read.

Navdeep (Goldie) Sandhu
High Court Lawyer, Chandigarh


‘The five Foolish Virgins’ by Mohan Deep, while a work of fiction, is as real as it gets about the world of Bollywood. We can clearly see the underlying real truth in the constants of Bollywood through decades of change. Greed for fame, greed for money, greed for power overpowers humanity. Mohan Deep’s fluid language and vivid descriptions make this an enjoyable journey and an instant classic.
Bina Lalan
A software professional


“Finished reading ‘The Five Foolish Virgins’ (Mohan Deep). It was good reading. No elaborate descriptions to bore. Gives you all the behind-the-scenes stories of the film industry. The last 100 pages are really spellbinding.” Mohan, this is ad verbatim what my father Whatsapp’ed me last night :). Now I have to wait till I collect the book from him 🙂
Navin Dutt
Professional in MNC with passion for free lance writing



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