Why are Katju and Jaya batting for Sanju?

An actor is no actor if he can’t charms the pants off a girl or the candy off a kid. Advertisers pay millions for this quality, to sell their products, and the political parties beg them to campaign for them.
Rajesh Khanna was a sadist. Under the influence of liquor, he’d remove his belt and bash his secretary, friends (read chamchas) and even the women in his life (ask Anju Mahendru, Dimple Khanna, Tina Munim and Anita Advani) and yet, win them over with apologies, smiles and gifts. I remember Dimple talking about how Kaka angrily pulled an earring from her ear and leaving her ear lobes damaged and bleeding. She had walked out on him only to return when he used his charm on her. Few will believe it thanks to the charm of the superstar.
Amitabh Bachchan used this charm to win over the press of the entire country when he was embroiled in Bofors scandal.
Rekha always used it while buying expensive diamonds or furs, asking the shops to charge her (then) current ‘boy friend’ (whoever he’d be).
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