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Donald Trump may lose this time but had it been any time before 1920, he would have won with thumping majority. Women didn’t have the right to vote.

Donald Trump may have lost his chance to become the President because of the cheap talk and comments about the women (he has even pointed out a 10-year girl who was with him and has said that he would be dating her after 10 years) and numerous complaints of groping from different parts of America. One of the complainants is 74 years.
Major names in Republican Party have withdrawn support and even some donors, who have paid tens of thousand dollars, have asked for a refund.
Hillary Clinton has more than 80 percent chance of moving into the White House.
Being labelled ‘sexist’ has finished Donald.


According to a survey if only women voted Hillary would have got 458 against Donald’s 80 votes but
if only men voted, Donald would have got 350 votes against Hillary’s 188!
Clearly men look at groping differently. For them what Donald Trump said, recorded with or without his knowledge (he seemed least bothered), was simply reckless locker room talk and what he did and could get away with is the dream of most American men. They would love to be in his shoes or maybe, most are already in his shoes. We need to know how an average American male behaves with women.
Interestingly, had it been any time before 1920, Donald Trump would have won with thumping majority. Women didn’t have the right to vote.


I have an image of a naked Bill Clinton walking across in White House as described in one of the books about Monica Lewinsky episode. There were others too. But Clinton continues to remain an attractive figure. So does John F Kennedy who needed women as ‘if I didn’t have sex I’d get backache’.
They have remained attractive figures to men and women equally. Their philandering haven’t affected their popularity.
Why the women hate only Donald Trump?
Could it be because ‘sexist’ is a dirty word only now. And the feminism is in today. The American women don’t give a fig to what Bill Clinton did over a decade early and Kennedy is ancient for a young American girl.
She hates a groper. She hates a sexist. She is not going to vote for him whether it is JF Kennedy, Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.


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Mohan Deep is a novelist and star biographer.