Our letter to the CM of Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis
The support is growing!
Thank you friends for signing the petition to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, requesting him to urge the BMC to take over the roads in Upper Oshiwara, Andheri (West). But more support is required. More signature, more campaign…
Going through the feedback I find –
Celebrated Film actor and scriptwriter Rohit Roy supports the petition as, “his Film Writers Association also falls in this area.” Famous glamour Photographer Jayesh Sheth, also located in this area concurs with these thoughts. Scriptwriter Govind Sharma demanding accountability states that, “I pay taxes. I want accountability.” Amod Mehra, a leading film critic endorses the cause, signs it.
Noted publicist Hilla Sethna too endorses her support.
Taking an aggressive stands Malaika Khan of Sussan Roshan House of Design says, “This problem is for common interest of people , who has been harassed by local goons who operates this private roads.
Pratik Khara from Oberoi Springs says, “I am signing because the roads are pathetic and my car expenses have increased tenfold. We pay so much in taxes. Good infrastructure is what we expect first and foremost.”
Tulsidas Bhatia demands the right to have a better life and clean & the neat environment surrounding Oberoi Springs. Rajesh K Parikh signs simply because he lives at Oberoi Springs and has seen the problem the residents are facing. Vikram Thakur says that he believes in the BJP government and this problem needs the immediate attention of the CM.
Kajol Mukherjee goes a step further and alleges that as per her knowledge the road is currently under the grasp of a local goon, who is merrily collecting parking fees and is least bit interested in the upkeep of the road. If BMC takes over, not only can we expect a better surrounding, even the parking fees will contribute to the BMC exchequer.
While Reema Lalwani is clear that BMC should provide basic infrastructure to the public after collecting the huge taxes and on the projects approved by them, Kajal Bhagia gives a word picture, “I live here and the potholes are backbreaking and like moon craters. Something seriously needs to be done as the current owner of roads refuses to repair these.”
I find Shalini Sharma elaborately voicing the issue. Writes the lady, “I reside in this place. My office is also in the same locality. The roads are narrow and congested. Parking is done on both sides of the roads leaving very little maneuverable space for vehicles and parking charges are collected by the private owner… Our society is spending money from its funds to keep basic road in place, but after paying such hefty taxes, we still suffer every day. Mrs. Geeta Dasauni, also residing in the same society raises the issue that has been bothering the Mumbaikar, “Uncleanliness and unmaintained roads become a breeding ground for Mosquitoes leading to fatal diseases like Dengue.”
Rajeev Mittal, who lives in a society that is situated on a private road in Oshiwara since 5 years says, “These roads not being maintained by private road owners, there are no street lights, there is no method to parking and not to mention endless potholes.”
Balwant Dullat sends me a message,“Mohan Deep ji,At this time I am in US(NYC) I ndon’t think it will be proper for me to Sign the Petition with US address. It will be better if it is Signed with Andheri West address. I have Shared it with Ajay Tandon (cameraman), Jagmohan Anand (sound Recordist) Raman Kumar, Javed Siddiqui (writer) Kuldip Singh (Music Director) and 5 other friends who are Living in Andheri West area. I have my flat in Oshiwara and know the Problem.Once I am back will call you.
There are many more.
Virendra Khanna, Ajay Ghisad, Vyomesh Kapasi, Deepa Pau, Thomas Mathew, Kishin Chandiramani, Sangita Sen, Ashok Kumar, Alka G, Mukesh Jagwani, Arpana Jadhwani, Narendr Khandelwaal, Dheerin Motwani and more…
But these signatures won’t be enough. We need more signatures, some volunteers… and e need to turn this into a campaign to make it successful.

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Glorious Phoenix

The bird proudly willing to burn,
So that he may live again,
Chooses the flames of fires
That burn the aged Phoenix
The nature stands still
Till a new young bird starts again,
and begins the legend of the Phoenix.

- Claudian (Roman author)

One day in the ancient times, the sun looked down and saw a large bird with bright red and dazzling gold feathers. The sun god blessed him, “Glorious Phoenix, you shall be my bird and live forever!”
The Phoenix was overjoyed to hear these words and sang, “I shall sing my songs for you alone!” But living forever didn’t make him happy for long. Men, women, and children were always chasing him, wanting some of those beautiful, shiny feathers for themselves.
Tired, the phoenix flew off toward the east, where the sun rises in the morning.
The Phoenix flew for a long time, and then came to a far away, hidden desert where no humans lived. Here, flying freely he would sing the songs of praise to the sun alone.
Five centuries passed. The Phoenix was still alive, but it had grown old. It couldn’t soar so high in the sky, nor fly as fast or as far as it was young. It wasn’t as strong.
The Phoenix sang, “Sun, glorious sun, make me young and strong again!”
The sun didn’t answer. When the sun still didn’t answer, the Phoenix decided to return to the place of its origin.
The journey was long, and because the Phoenix was old and weak, it had to rest along the way. Each time it landed, it collected pieces of cinnamon bark and all kinds of fragrant leaves.

Phoenix on the top of the tree

When at last the bird returned to its home, it landed on a tall palm tree. Right at the top of the tree, the Phoenix built a nest with the cinnamon bark and lined it with the fragrant leaves. Then the Phoenix collected myrrh, a sharp-scented gum and made an egg from it. It carried the egg back to the nest.
Phoenix (vvsmall)
The Phoenix sat down in its nest, and once again, sang, “Sun, glorious sun, make me young and strong again!”
This time the sun heard the song. It shone down on the mountainside with all its strength. Everyone, every animal, reptile, bird hid from the sun’s fierce rays — in caves and holes, under shady rocks and trees.
Only the Phoenix sat upon its nest at the top of the tallest palm tree on the highest mountain and let the suns rays beat down upon it beautiful, shiny feathers. Suddenly there was a flash of light, flames leaped out of the nest, and the Phoenix became a big round ball of fire.
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Books, books and books

Mohan Deep with bookshelf in the background

Unlike my friends I haven’t selected my 10 favorite books, and find the task extremely difficult. I prefer reading fiction – though, many books of non-fiction too have left an impact on my life – and biographies.
My current favorites include Michael Connelly, the creator of the Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller series, Jeffrey Archer, Mario Puzo, and Frederick Forsyth; and the authors I repeat include Harold Robbins (specially his earlier books), Irving Wallace and Arthur Hailey.
Parallel to these books is the fiction of Ernest Hemingway, Guy de Maupassant, O Henry, W. Somerset Maugham and DH Lawrence.
I may still have one of the earliest editions of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I read this as a curiosity, and then read ‘Sons and Lovers’. Sons and Lovers remind me of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Lord Jim’. I found a lot of similarity between Lord Jim and the character Amitabh Bachchan played in Yash Chopra‘s ‘Kala Pathar’. Of course, there is no comparison, but then there can be no comparison between The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Paa.
Love for reading began with Phantom, Diana and Dave Palmer, Mandrake, Narda & Lothar, Jiggs Maggi and Bimmy, Archie’s, Blondy and other comics when I was in my teens. Having shelves full of books, brought from Karachi by my mother, along with the belonging Sindhi refugees brought during partition were my introduction to serious literature from different languages and countries. These books along with a lot of reading of Indian mythology shaped an attitude. Read Sufi writings in Sindhi, novels of Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, Khandekar, Bhagwati Charan Sharma and pulp of Ibne Safi BA, Om Prakash Sharma along with stories, books, poetry and plays of Agyaya, Dharam Veer Bharati, Mohan Rakesh, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Krishan Chandra, Yashpal, Gulshan Nanda and many others
And then there are books on Feng Shui and Vastu.
My reading and writing began very early with books from Hindi, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Bengali and Marathi.
To select 10 books is doing an injustice to all of them. A hundred is more like that.

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